This Privacy Policy  (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) explains the handling of information regarding users of the service “Oyraa” (the “Service”) operated by Oyraa Co., Ltd (the “Company”).

Article 1 (Scope of application)

  • 1 This Policy applies to the use of this Service. In addition, in such cases where if the Company stipulates the handling of user information in a Privacy Policy or other personal information protection policy or terms of use posted on this Service, such provisions shall also apply, and if such provisions conflict with this Policy, this Policy shall prevail.
  • 2 The provisions of this Policy do not apply to external services with which the Company collaborates with respect to the Service and other services provided by parties other than the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Affiliated Services"). Regarding the handling of user information in affiliated services, please refer to the Privacy Policy, separately established by the business providing the affiliated services.

Article 2 (Information we obtain)

In order to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in the next article, the Company collects personal information ("personal information" as defined by the Personal Information Protection Act) regarding users of this Service and those who wish to register (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). The following information (“User Information”) will be obtained, including the following:

  • (1) Information provided by users when using this Service:

Name, date of birth, nationality, address, age, sex, telephone number, email address, ID, password, information to be entered in the profile section of this Service, and other information specified by the Company in this Service.

  • (2) Information we collect when using this Service:

Terminal ID (device ID), IP address, device location information, server access log information, cookies, other information sent by users in this Service (search history, text data, images, videos, posts to this Service, etc.). Information obtained from affiliated services, etc. based on the consent of users. 

Article 3 (Purpose of use)

1. The Company will handle user information appropriately within the scope of the purposes specified in each of the following items.

(1) For registration review of use of this Service

(2) For the provision of this Service and identity verification

(3) For billing and payment of usage fees for this Service

(4) To provide information regarding this Service and respond to inquiries, etc.

(5) To notify of changes to the terms of use or this Policy regarding this Service, suspension/cancellation/cancellation of this Service, and other important notices regarding this Service.

(6) To distribute advertisements regarding products and services of our Company or third parties.

(7) To maintain and improve this Service and consider new services, etc.

(8) To investigate and analyze the usage status of this Service, etc.

(9) After obtaining consent from the user, to provide user information to third parties such as business partners and machine learning operators related to the AI interpretation service provided by our Company.

2  The Company may change the purpose of use set forth in the preceding paragraph to the extent that it is reasonably deemed to be related to the purpose of use before the change, and in the event of a change, the Company will notify the user or post on this Service. Or we will make it public by posting it on the website operated by our Company or by other easy-to-understand methods.

Article 4 (Confidentiality of communications)

1. In order to comply with the Telecommunications Business Act, which stipulates the protection of "confidentiality of communications," and as an application that handles user privacy information, our Company strictly handles the content of communications. Unless permitted by law, we will not use information such as the contents of telephone calls that fall under the category of "confidential communication" without the individual consent of the parties involved.

2. If the Company determines that any of the following items apply, the Company may view, provide, use, disclose, or delete the content of calls and other information related to the confidentiality of user communications without prior notice to the user. will do.

(1) Compulsory disposition based on the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act (Act No. 131 of 1949) or the Act on Communication Interception for Criminal Investigation (Act No. 137 of 1999), or by a court order or warrant. case

(2) If a legally enforceable disposition is taken;

(3) In accordance with the Act on Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and Disclosure of Caller Information (Act No. 137 of 2001), we have determined that it is necessary to take measures to prevent transmission or disclose caller information. If it is determined that:

(4) It is necessary to protect the life, body, property, reputation, or privacy of others.

(5) In addition to the preceding items, if the Company reasonably determines that the grounds for prohibiting illegality are met.

(6) When there is user consent.

Article 5 (Third party provision)

1. Our Company uses users' personal data ("personal data" as defined in Article 16, Paragraph 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the same shall apply hereinafter) to our business partners and the AI interpretation services provided by our Company. The information shall be provided to a third party that is a business implementing machine learning related to the above, and the user shall agree to this in advance.

2. In addition to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, our Company will not provide personal data ("personal data" as defined by the Personal Information Protection Act, hereinafter the same shall apply) to any third party without the consent of the person concerned. However, this does not apply when providing personal information to a third party in the following cases.

(1) When personal data is provided in conjunction with entrusting all or part of the handling of personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in this Policy.

(2) When personal data is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons

(3) In cases where personal data to be used jointly with a specific person is provided to that specific person, a statement to that effect, the items of personal data to be used jointly, and the joint use. When the person concerned is notified in advance of the scope of the person using the personal data, the purpose of use of the person using the personal data, and the name of the person responsible for the management of the personal data, or the person is made easily aware of the scope of the person using the personal data.

(4) In addition to those stipulated in the preceding items, cases based on the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.

Article 6 (Safety management measures)

Our Company provides necessary and appropriate supervision over our employees to ensure the safe management of personal information against risks such as loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information. In addition, when our Company outsources all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure the safe management of personal information at the outsourced party.

Article 7 (Regarding the use of information collection module)

This Service incorporates the following information collection modules selected by our Company to analyze information such as the usage status of this Service and advertising effectiveness. In line with this, our Company may provide user information to the following information collection module providers (including those located outside of Japan). These information collection modules collect user information without including personally identifying information, and the collected information is managed based on the Privacy Policy and other regulations established by each information collection module provider.

Name: Firebase, Google Analytics

Provided by: Google LLC

Information disclosure by provider:

Article 8 (Rights such as disclosure and correction of personal information)

1. 1. Based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, the Company may request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, notification, or disclosure of purpose of use, provision to third parties of personal data (Refers to "retained personal data" as defined by the Personal Information Protection Act, and the same shall apply hereinafter.) held in the database held by the Company based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act. If we are requested to suspend the Service or disclose records (Hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc.") provided to a third party, we will respond without delay after confirming that the request is from the user himself/herself. However, this does not apply if the Company does not have these obligations under laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Act.

2. When making a request for disclosure, etc., please contact the inquiry desk provided in Article 10.

3. A fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each notification or disclosure of the purpose of use of personal data.

Article 9 (Changes to this Policy)

1 Our Company may change this Policy if we deem it necessary.

2 In the case of the preceding paragraph, the revised Policy will be posted on our website or this Service, or Users will be notified by electromagnetic recording method such as email. However, if we make any changes to the content that require the User's consent under applicable laws and regulations, we will obtain the User's consent using a method separately determined by our Company.

Article 10 (Inquiries)

If you have any opinions, questions, requests for disclosure, complaints, or other inquiries regarding the handling of user information, please contact the following contact point.

Oyraa Co., Ltd. Inquiries regarding handling of personal information

Address: 6-15-1 Shinjuku Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo

Person responsible for handling personal information: 

Representative Director Oya Harada

【Established 2023/11/1】