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On-Call Interpretation

Get instant on-demand access to our pool of professional interpreters, no matter where you are. At Oyraa, we understand that industry knowledge is critical to accurate interpretation, so we've made it easy to hire industry specialists without the heavy costs associated with middle-men or travel costs. Plus, no need to use your landline or mobile. All calls are made through our Oyraa app to save you time and money.

On-Site Interpretation

Got a meeting, conference or trip abroad? Our professional interpreters can be right by your side. They'll provide their expertise on-site and make sure your business is run smoothly. Think you don't need it? Think again. Imagine how much more you'll benefit from an industry exhibition abroad when accompanied by an experienced interpreter. Or how you can negotiate a better deal when visiting that factory overseas. We're committed to getting you the best interpreter for any situation. We're confident we offer the language combination you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

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We're a global business and we take pride in it. Our professional interpreters are spread all over the world and offer any language combination you need.


Don't waste your time waiting for a quote. We process requests instantly, 24/7. No delays, no break.


We've worked really hard to make our resources and services better and cheaper than our competitors'. Try us and you'll see yourself!


We work with professional interpreters and experts in your field. We make sure anyone joining our platform signs a confidentiality agreement, so your business is in safe hands.

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