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Oyraa empowers and connects the world through language by providing on-demand interpretation services to suit a variety of personal and business needs. Our community covers an endless diversity of language pairs.

Welcome to the sharing economy of language skills.


How to get started

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Download the Oyraa app today and sign up to get started. It's free!

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buy credits

Credits allow you to call interpreters at their personal per minute rate. Purchase your desired amount, and you're all set to start calling.

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find interpreter

Use filters to find the interpreter with exactly the skills you need. Place a call to be connected immediately.

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Problem Solved!

Communicate with the interpreter and solve your language problem right away. 



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pay as you go

Thanks to Oyraa, interpretation is now affordable, even to small businesses and private persons. See below to learn more about what Oyraa can do for you.

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instant access

Language problems are now solved at an instant. Save time with no booking, no subscription, just instant on-demand access to a community of interpreters ready to help.

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the right person for the job

Finding a person with the right expertise is crucial for a successful interpretation experience. Oyraa helps you find exactly who you're looking for. 


Learn what Oyraa can do for you

Hire professional interpreters for immediate on-call interpretation or post an on-site interpretation job to a large pool of interpreters to hire faster than ever before. Oyraa let's you find the most qualified interpreters instantly and easily. Learn more.

Quick, professional language assistance will make your life in a foreign country a lot easier, and doesn't have to cost a fortune. Oyraa makes instant interpretation available and accessible to everyone. Learn more.


On-demand / on-call interpretation