Our remote interpretation services can be used at any time, from anywhere. Depending on your needs, you can make a direct call or 3-way call with no prior arrangement or book interpreters for your scheduled meetings. Whether on-demand, or scheduled in advance, your calls with interpreters become more reliable.

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Online Meeting

Book interpreters for online meeting.

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Direct Call

Call interpreters

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3-way Call

Make calls in foreign language with an interpreter in it.

Online Meeting

With our booking system on Oyraa app, you can book professional interpreters to join your online meetings or conference calls in advance.

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Benefits of Online Meetings with Oyraa

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Specific interpreters for your situation

We have a wide range of interpreters at hand to deal with whatever your situation requires from latest IT technology to healthcare topics.

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Secured confidentiality

Each interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics, ensuring that all the information remains strictly confidential.

Direct Call

You can directly call with interpreters through Oyraa app. Our interpreters will help you communicate not only at business, but also personal situations, such as hospitals & real estate agencies.

Benefits of Direct Calls with Oyraa

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Quick & easy to use

No complicated set-up required. Simply call or book interpreter to get support no no matter where you’re located.

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Transparent affordable pricing

We offer affordable and competitive hourly / minute rates. No initial fee or booking fee. Pay per minute only for the time you need.

3-way Call

You can make a phone call in a foreign language with an interpreter in it.


Benefits of 3-way Call with Oyraa

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Easy inquiry made possible

Perfect support when you want to make an inquiry to overseas clients or confirm booking with hotels/airlines. Our interpreters will be right by your side.

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No international landline bill

You no longer have to worry about expensive international phone bills with Oyraa. Browse interpreters and then make the call in one easy-to-use platform.

Other Services
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On-site Interpretation

If you’re looking for interpreters for offline meetings or events, just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure to find someone suitable according to your needs.


Use the chat function on the app to request translation for short texts. You can also ask questions to interpreters for local insights and recommendations.

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