Language should never be a barrier. Netiher should cost.

Communication with foreign customers is crucial to business success in todays increasingly globalized world, but the services offered by traditional Language Service Providers are only affordable to large corporations. No matter the size of your organization, Oyraa's global interpretation network is here to ensure you won't miss out on opportunities due to language barriers. Set up a call with an interpreter in less than a minute or book an interpreter for an on-site job. Oyraa's rating system is your guarantee for quality every time.


One App. All the interpretation services you need.

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search and find

Use filters and ratings to find professional interpreters with the desired language skills and expertise. 

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Book an interpreter

For on-site interpretation, book interpreters by posting a job or contacting an interpreter directly. Location filtered searches lets you find interpreters in your area. 

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For immediate language assistance, place a call with a professionally skilled interpreter.


Oyraa is here to help

Self-employed professionals

Reach international clients and provide customer service in a foreign language. Whether you have a small law firm, private clinic, or real estate agency, Oyraa is here to help.

businesses and NGO's

Communicate key information and ideas across cultures and avoid costly misunderstandings with the help of a language interpreter in your next business meeting.

government Institutions

Understand the deeper meaning embedded in culture and context behind words when communicating with immigrants and refugees. Courts, city halls, hospitals, or any government institution can benefit from professional language assistance. 


On-demand (On-call) interpretation

Book interpreters in advance