Frequently Asked Questions?

Everything you really need to know about Oyraa

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You can book remote conference-calls with an interpreter by downloading our mobile app via the App Store or Google Play. To book an on-site interpreter, just sign up via our web platform at and start browsing. If you’ve already subscribed in one platform, just use your credentials to login in the other.
Oyraa is an online platform of professional interpreters. We bring you highly skilled interpreters without the enormous agency fees. You can handpick them yourself, by industry, expertise, languages spoken, ratings and even location. Our interpreters are only a call away and are available instantly.
You can top up your account with online credits and use it to request a remote interpretation. For on-site assignments, you can pay online with your credit card or using Paypal. Your payment is safely kept by Oyraa until your interpreter completes their assignment. Once the job is done, we free your payment to your freelancer.
We cover all languages!
24/7, no breaks, no delays. Because we’re a global network, we cover all languages, all locations and all time-zones.
You can find out our interpreters’ rates by browsing our available freelancers. Their rates are advertised instantly on their profiles. We don’t believe in waiting for a quote and you can always negotiate with prospective interpreters!
No – it’s in-app call! You don’t need a phone line. Any wifi connection would work. Therefore, you will NOT be charged for phone calls.
Our platform features professional interpreters from all backgrounds and industry expertise. It is very likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for! Otherwise, just shoot us an email at and we might just have the person for the job. We may request that you provide us with additional information to help our interpreters familiarize themselves with your industry.
Each interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics, ensuring that all the information pertaining to the work they do for you remains strictly confidential. Additionally, and if it’s an on-site job, we advise our clients to sign an NDA with the interpreter.
You can! For remote interpretations made over the phone, you can talk as long as you want, and as long as you have enough credits. If you’re running out of credits during your call, you’ll get a notification and you can top up your account. For on-site interpretations or scheduled calls, Oyraa will mediate any extensions.
Yes, absolutely! Our website ( allows you to request an on-site interpreter.
You can use our platform to chat with your interpreter and discuss the scope of your project. You can also send any files and documents that might help your interpreter deliver your assignment.
We don’t charge any commission on the assignments you order via our app. Not a dime.
Just shoot us an email to or visit our Help page. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours.