FAQ for interpreters.

How will I get paid?

All payments are made securely through the Oyraa platform—you never have to deal directly with money. Your payment is automatically transferred to your account after the job is completed.  Receive funds via whatever payment methods works best for you:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill

For on-site interpretation, we'll release funds after your clients approves the successful completion of the job. Over the phone, funds will be transferred to your account by the minute. 

How much should I charge?

What you charge is up to you. After you sign up, you’ll get access to view other interpreter profiles to benchmark and set a price that factors in market trends.

Who can be an interpreter?

Anyone with awesome language skills and a reliable Internet connection can enjoy a thriving business as an online language interpreter. Most over the phone interpretation jobs require no more than quick help for travellers or tourists facing language problems on their journey. Oyraa offers a variety of work opportunities for those with talent.

To acknowledge interpreters that have achieved professional success, however, Oyraa has advanced filters for clients to search for an interpreter by certification, experience, association, and education. Professional interpreters often provide more sophisticated interpretation services for meetings, seminars, and other settings where professional interpretation is needed.

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