Latest Survey Shows the Most Powerful Passport in the World

6 Dec 2018

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now named as the world’s most powerful passport in a newly released survey. It has come to a surprise since this country suddenly came in the first spot from 27th position in 2016. How did this happen?

The UAE passport holders can now enjoy travel to 167 countries without a prior visa. Behind the quick rise to the top, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a goal to achieve to be on the list of the five most powerful passports in the world by 2021, though it turned out that they didn’t need that much of time.

The Passoport Index, issued by Arton Capital, ranks nations on how many countries each passport allows to access without pre-visa requirements. Passports from Singapore and Germany were just behind the UAE, allowing prior visa-free travel to 166 countries, while Afghanistan has the bottom spot with access to 29 countries without a visa.

Also, there are other rankings that show different results, depending on the metrology or data type. One of the most recognized is Henry Passport Index, which utilize exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association. In October, the index ranks Japan as the most powerful passport with access to 190 destinations without the need for a visa in advance.

Needless to say, the freedom of movement is quite important to many of us today. Being able to easy access to most of the world is particularly convenient for travel lovers. So, do you have any plans for this winter? If you already download Oyraa’s app, don’t forget that you can call an interpreter without a phone line because it’s in-app call and any wifi connection would work! That means, you can enjoy your holiday with an interpreter, if you need one in your pocket.

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