Oyraa prodives an open platform for freelance interpretation.

with you in charge.

Worldwide, there are constantly people in need of language assistance. Whether you're a professional interpreter or a multilingual, Oyraa connects interpreters with enterprise or individual clients all over the world. When you work, and what you charge, we leave completely up to you. 


opportunities for everyone.

Boost your career as a professional interpreter.

Find on-site interpretation assignments across the globe, wherever you are. Manage your bookings and communicate with clients, while Oyraa makes sure you automatically receive your pay, fast and secure. Receive notifications on new job postings, or browse assignments that match your qualifications. With the added opportunity for over the phone interpretation, Oyraa can keep you busy anytime.

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Leverage your language skills as a multilingual.

Do quick, simple over the phone interpretation tasks. Even the smallest jobs can have a huge impact. Help travellers explain their food allergies or assist tourists in communicating with receptionists, and learn how not only your language skills but also your cultural knowledge can be of great value to others.



get Started in three simple steps

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Download the Oyraa app to create a profile and get started. Specify your language skills, expertise and job preferences, and set your rate.

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Connect with clients

Set your status to 'Online' to start receiving calls, or browse through job offers. Clients can also message you with specific requests.

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Start interpreting

Whether you prefer on-site or only offer interpretation over the phone, you're now all set to start working.


Great Freedom. Great benefits.

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Work from anywhere

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set your own fee

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extra income


Join the global community of interpreters